Bharat Messenger

India's answer for Business Messaging

India has wide population of 1.3 billion people. It’s hard to get onboard people who are living on the verge of poverty and education. In 2016, India witnessed a large scale demonetization events that brought entire country to halt. People of India had to go through a new mass habit of Digital India where payment through newly introduced payment system was about to become a radically easy task but it brought fraudsters a new way to fetch money with just a few tap from people who are less educated or are new to online payment offers.




The Idea

Build an app that is super easy for B2B & B2C in terms of Payments, Product Promotions and handling inquiries. The core focus was to send & receive payments that doesn’t require a third-party wallet. UPI allows payment to be transferred from Bank Account A to Bank Account B within India and it just takes a few seconds to complete a transaction. While there are multiple options that allows an individual to transfer money using wallet, bank account, debit – credit cards or UPI but tracking down each and every transaction is not much effective. 
Bharat Messenger tries to solve this issue by combining communication with payment. Each business listed on Bharat Messenger will be able to send invoice to individuals, Update clients about recently launched products or offers and much more using popular story feature.